Cool Fact of the Week 11/18/12 – 11/24/12


I thought it might be interesting to share little pieces of hockey history with you folks every Sunday. This week I focus on the curious moments in the career of Neal Broten of Herb Brooks’ Olympic team.

Broten had some of the best professional success of any of the players from the team that won the Gold medal in 1980, including winning the Stanley Cup with New Jersey in 1995. Interestingly enough, two of the players on the Red Wings team that the Devils swept in the Finals were figures from Broten’s past: Former Olympic teammate Mike Ramsey and old adversary Viacheslav Fetisov from the once Soviet Union. Fetisov was on the ice when Broten scored the goal that sealed the series for New Jersey. Weird how things fall into place.

Oh, and this happened, too.
Pretty obvious neither of them fought very frequently, because it shows. #99 had plenty of enforcers on his side, including Marty McSorley and Dave Semenko, so I’m sure Broten had to answer the bell a few times after that.

The more you know.


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