Cool Fact of the Week 1/6/13 – 1/12/13


The classic Zucker brothers comedy Airplane! contains the following joke: “Do you have anything for a light read?” “How ’bout this leaflet, ‘Famous Jewish Sports Legends’?” Slight exaggeration for the sake of comedy isn’t uncommon, but there is some truth. That list may not be incredibly extensive, but there are some names of note on there, including one-half of the Soviet national team’s successful goaltending tandem, Vladimir Myshkin. Some say that Myshkin was the national team’s best goaltender at any point in its history, including its poster boy, Vladislav Tretiak. But unfortunately, the cultural dissension often caused him to play second fiddle (if anyone makes a joke about musicals because an article about a Jewish guy includes the word ‘fiddle’, I’ll gut them).

The more you know.


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