Preview of the shortened season: Expect the unexpected


So after all that, here we are. The long-past due opening night is finally here. I have a few thoughts going into tonight that are probably too much to go into in one post. But I’ve got to say something, and the most noteworthy is this:

It’s a given that in these circumstsaces the games count for a lot more. What that could mean is that one team could have an extreme stroke of luck from the work stoppage. They might get hot and refuse to cease in the same manner as Los Angeles did last year (pun not intended by the word “hot”). That team could be Philadelphia, who have been a talented team with a fly or two in the ointment for the past several years that might finally get its chance. Or it could be Edmonton, the young team that might be getting a shot at the Cup handed to it on a silver platter. Maybe it’s Carolina. But something different could very well happen this year – That much can be said. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Thanks, and remember: They shouldn’t be called asteroids, because they’re in the hemisphere.


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