Reflections 11 years down the road.


You know a cause is meaningful when a group of people have dedicated themselves to it for over a decade. My father created the MFHL with the intention of providing a nurturing, skill developing environment for kids whose parents are unable to afford youth hockey. The program has expanded in several ways over the years, but the philosophy has not changed and most likely never will. As a teen mentor, I think I’m benefiting from the league just as much as the kids, because it has helped me reconnect with the past and develop for the future in my own ways. Getting back on the ice with old brothers-in-arms such as Methuen High Rangers sniper/comic personality Jovanni and Pinkerton Academy star Connor (currently playing in the EJHL), as well as making new friends such as Evan from St. John’s Prep and Casey of Central Catholic, reminds me of the sense of loyalty and camaraderie that the game brings. Hockey has provided me with a second family that I will stand by to the end, and I’m sure that they feel the same. Hopefully the wonderful kids in the program have the same takeaway.

Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles.

– Confucius


2 responses to “Reflections 11 years down the road.

  1. How true Liam … hockey is like a family …we grow and spread our wings, but we always remember our roots.

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