Guess Who’s Coming to Practice – Nifty Middleton checks in with the MFHL



I was one of the few people in on the identity of our celebrity guest on Tuesday, April 9th, and with that in mind in the time leading up to it, I could hardly contain my excitement. Even with the great experience I had anticipated, the day’s skate still greatly exceded my expectations. “Nifty”, the fourth leading scorer in Bruins history, was invited by assistant coach Jon Anderson, of whom Mr. Middleton is a client in cooperation with Coach Jon’s company Secret Weapon Stick Wax. “Coach Rick” participated in all the drills put together by my father and worked alongside the coaching staff in helping the kids out one-on-one. He did a great job dealing with the young skaters on their level and I got quite a bit out of it too. “Nifty” played in a cross-ice game with the top-tier players at the end of the session, settling in at right wing for the gold team. I sided with him as blue already had 2 coaches on their side and I’d like to say I was his Barry Pederson for the day, but it wasn’t quite that point productive. Still, it was an experience with a sensation I will never forget. Something to hold close and pass on to others.


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