In the words of Pedro Martinez, “This is awkward.”


And this is why [VIDEO].

Lucic directly confirmed our suspicions about the B’s being motivated to take down the Pens after Iggy flipped off the spoked “B”. If Jarome doesn’t reach out and try to mend the holes in that canoe, then there’s definitely going to be a problem with dressing room chemistry.

Along with the possibility of Jarome not doing well in this traditional hockey environment (sure, he was the captain of a Canadian team for 9 years, but the Flames aren’t the Maple Leafs or anyone of that magnitude), I am also concerned about what that Krejci line will look like. I have a feeling that if Iginla gets put on the right wing spot, it’s not going to be a useful dynamic to have two huge power forwards on the wing as it will slow things down and inhibit the line’s play. But hey, I bet people had that sort of worries about the Legion of Doom and they played out rather nicely. But let’s just hope this configuration does what that Flyers team didn’t – and win the Cup.

As always, “Go Bruins!”


2 responses to “In the words of Pedro Martinez, “This is awkward.”

  1. I think it is only awkward in a fan’s eyes. I think these guys are professionals and they will not let a trade deadline-spurn get in the way of their season. And let’s face it, if the Bruins players were put in that same position that Iginla was put in, 9 out of 10 of them probably would have chosen to play with Crosby and Malkin, too. This whole chemistry and Iginla turning his back on the Bruins thing is a nice TMZ-esque, media-generated story, but I give the guys in the locker room the respect to act like profesionals and play together. Under this same logic on which this editorial is based, you should be amazed that these guys shake hands at the end of a playoff series.

    • They have class, only Crosby would be classless enough to snub a handshake line (see 2009 Stanley Cup Finals). Not to mention:

      1) Looch laid it all out on the table and directly expressed how discontent he and his teammates felt at that. So there’s something there.
      2) Some of the guys more than others as far as I’m concerned. Rask seems like a guy who would head to Pitt since I’m sure they would shell out a lot of cash for a real goaltender. Bergeron, though, is not the kind of guy who would leave the team that drafted him 10 years ago and that he won the Cup with in the last three (more recently than Pitt at that). Which would you rather have – Your name on the Cup, or a spot on Maxim’s 100 hottest couples list with the Hart Trophy winner? Wait, “hot” probably is not the best adjective with that Frankenstein’s monster look that Malkin has got…

      PS: Why is it that you and I get less personal on politics than on sports?

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