Power Skating Journal, part 1 of 4 – Early trials and tribulations under the tutelage of the Laura Stamm clinic


My father presented me with a very generous gift by covering the cost to have me participate in the perhaps the best ice hockey clinic in North America. Having found out at the last minute that I’d been bumped up from the waiting list, we rushed out of the house at around 11 AM to get me down to the Lawrence Valley Forum. From the second I handled the sign in and spoke with an instructor by the name of Jordan, I knew that the environment was going to be quite amicable despite how rigorous camp was bound to be.

The opening drills had a lot to do with weight distribution and edge control. I found the tips and instructions very insightful; I had never thought of the smaller details such as shifting up the inside shoulder when turning. Throughout the session, there was a great amount of practice for “toe to heel” strides and C-cuts (later doing both techniques backwards). I found these drills to be a challenge, but as with most things, only practice will lead to improvement. The toe start was the very last thing practiced in the two hours, and I seem to have good form for that while the speed will come with practice. I expect the next three sessions to be even more difficult, but in the words of baseball GM genius Billy Beane, “It’s incredibly hard, but anything worth doing in life is.”


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