Power Skating Journal, part 4 of 4 – Endings and continuations


Everything we learned on the last day was simply different ways of applying what we had already known, such as doing crossovers during toe starts and transitioning from backwards to forwards on a pivot. Erik, the head instructor, urged us yet again to “kill the ice”, putting as much strength as possible into each and every stride. Basically, this was the end of the beginning – Where we put the final touches on our starter skills (for most of us, anyways; there were several returners doing special tests which seem familiar, but difficult). After the last drill, which I believe was one last go around of backwards C-cuts and crossovers, we congregated in the lobby. The instructors all reminded us that we had been through quite a bit and that we had a lot to be proud of. Personally, I think my time was very well spent despite the frustrations some others most likely had. I wouldn’t have traded these four days for a summer home in the Canadian Maritimes (though that wouldn’t be bad). After getting my patch and basic power skater certification stick badge, I went back into the dressing room and prepared for work. But every other part of my life seemed fairly insignificant with what lies ahead in mind thanks to the jump start these four days gave me. Count your blessings each and every day, folks.


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