When All Is Said and Done – What you can learn in 8 hours.


Bearing in mind all the valuable maneuvers and techniques taught over the four day clinic, it may be unfeasible to put everything I learned down in writing, but there are principles that I can pass on. Mainly:

– Bring the toe forward to meet the heel of the front foot on each stride.
– Knees bent at a 90 degree angle on all strides, even when not in need of too much speed. Power is always important.
– Knees at 90 degrees put you down lower than you’d think. Your eyes should meet at the spot where the glass sticks out of the boards.
– Don’t cross over while skating backwards on a 2-on-1, the forward will beat you every time.
– Lean out on tight turns. Nobody falls out of the circle in figure-eights, but guys fall in constantly. That inside shoulder needs to be higher than you feel it should.
– Twisting/turning the hips is important when trying to cut the guy with the puck off.
– For the most proper stop, you should be on the inside edge of your front skate and the outside of your back.
– Keep your feet moving on the tight turn, too many guys glide and fall behind the game.
– A forward stride begins at the back third of the blade, continues in the middle, and ends at the front (probably the most important and basic fundamental).
– Lastly, when letting one foot glide, make sure it glides in a straight line. Lots of guys drift off and that does no good.

My own personal advice? Never drink water, fish pee in it. Best wishes, all, have a nice week.


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