The Boys of Summer – My last skate before going off to college.


(from left to right) Gabby, a young goalie, my buddy Tyler giving her some valuable instructions, and myself.

On Wednesday the 28th, I had my last stick and puck session at the Valley Forum in Lawrence before moving off for the most important four years of my life. There’s still plenty of hockey to be played in the future for me, but to me this represented a huge transition. For something so monumentous, it was pretty low key, but I think that was the best way to go about it, because with the group of players that we had it was probably best just to take it easy. However, it is fair to say that it was a special afternoon because our usual go-to goalie, Tyler “Cory Schneider” Corrigan, took a few shots to unprotected areas on Tuesday, so he decided to play out, thus leaving us with one goaltender, a girl by the name of Gabby who was a first timer and still getting used to the position; and my good friend Erek was having his first skate in quite some time having taken the afternoon off of work so he could join me. We more or less shot around at the empty net and got Gabby accustomed to using different parts of the body to make saves while Tyler gave her some valuable tips about equipment and technique.

I’m honestly quite glad that we had such a laid back day, because going over the fundamentals with newcomers is what I love the most about the game. I see a bit of my young self in each and every one of those kids – That same eagerness to get involved in the sport and the curiosity about it. It’s nice to have that same sort of vicarious living. I hope that Gabby gets a lot out of this game, because I know I have.


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