A Helping Hand (and Foot) – Outspoken athlete and public figure Chris Kluwe offers his two cents on my work and a prominent issue in sports.


I’m getting around to this about two months late, but I’d figured not enough of my followers had known about it for me to avoid posting about it all together, and let’s be honest – This is awesome. Lavioletteism got some assistance from an excellent source thanks to my reaching out on Twitter, as former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe responded to me in regards to a piece I did on safety and further health monitoring for young athletes back in mid-August in response to the sudden, HCM-induced death of QMJHL prospect Jordan Boyd (read here: https://lavioletteism.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/think-of-the-kids-a-psa-on-sports-safety-for-young-adults/). Knowing that he is a father (and thus very protecting of his children and being pained at the thought of any disaster falling upon anyone else’s children) and a very opinionated, well-articulated person (Read his letter in defense of marriage equality to a Maryland governor who tried to silence a Ravens’ player’s defense of it here if you have not done so already, coarse but very powerful stuff http://deadspin.com/5941348/they-wont-magically-turn-you-into-a-lustful-cockmonster-chris-kluwe-explains-gay-marriage-to-the-politician-who-is-offended-by-an-nfl-player-supporting-it), I decided to ask if he had any comments on the subject matter or any critiques of my work. I thought it might be a long shot to actually get a reading and response from him, but not long afterwards I got a direct message from him saying, “Sure, tweet it at me.” I replied with such and awaited his response, not expecting too, too much of an in-depth analysis as I knew he was a very busy man at the time, participating in training camp with the Oakland Raiders. But just as I had initially thought, he had quite a bit on his mind in response to the subject and I’m assuming my article was very provocative for him. This was his combined two part response, in agreement with what I was feeling internally in regards to the topic, via another direct message that was split in half:

Really it boils down to what we value. Do we value entertainment? Or do we value the well being of the people around us? Unfortunately, without education, people tend to value entertainment more because it provides short term gains now.

What a thoughtful response. I’m equally grateful for his input as I am for such consciousness in Western society today. A great role model for others to take after. If you want more of his musings, be sure to follow him on Twitter @ChrisWarcraft. It definitely fills my feed with great content.


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